Art Lecture, Reception NO HONOR NO HEART

Friday, February 01, 2019
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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Angela Riddel
(419) 530-2452

Exhibit Dates: 1/14 - 2/14
Lecture and Opening: Friday, February 1, 6pm

Rowan Renee is a genderqueer artist using photography to interrogate how sexual bodies are gendered, victimized, policed and punished. They produce and appropriate images in order to create transformative meaning from experiences of violence, persecution and erasure that threaten queer and feminine subjects. Through a range of photographic, printmaking and sculptural techniques, Renee intervenes on issues of authorship and image-ownership, representation within the art-historical canon, and the codification of colonial, patriarchal and homophobic biases in sex law and copyright law. Abjection, as a queer concept and aesthetic framework, is a vehicle of material transfiguration.

Together but Separate, a reclaimed self image by artist Rowan Renee
Admission - FREE
About Guest Artist ROWAN RENEE
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